Acupuncture Wellness & Fertility Clinic

At Acupuncture Wellness & Fertility Clinic a variety of modalities under the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are utilized, in addition to other advanced styles of acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, dietary therapy, and tailored supplemental protocols to enhance overall treatment.

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Pelvic Therapy and Fitness

We are a pelvic health clinic specializing in orthopedic and pelvic health conditions. We have a strong passion for educating women and men and creating more awareness for pelvic floor dysfunction, pregnancy and postpartum care.

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International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

The ICPA mission is fulfilled by engaging and serving family chiropractors worldwide through evidence-informed practice, supporting excellence in professional skills, and delivering educational resources for family well-being.  The ICPA also provides advanced training in chiropractic philosophy, science and art, offering certification through our training program. Our focus in teaching lies in covering all aspects of family well-being from conception, pregnancy, through the care of infants and children. 

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Supported Serenity Doula Care

Supported Serenity Doula Care Serves families in chicago and Area Suburbs providing a positive, evidence based, and empowering experience for all families through birth and postpartum care

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BirthGuide Chicago

Explore your approach to childbirth and find providers who are right for you.

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