Care for New Mommy

Postpartum chiropractic care is an often overlooked part of the recovery process after you have a baby. If you ask a chiropractor whether or not you should get adjusted, the answer will almost always be, “Yes! Of course!” In this case, I think it’s even more important to get adjusted after you have your baby than almost any other time.  Your body has gone through a lot of changes in last few months. In particular, a hormone called relaxin was in your system prior to delivery, allowing the ligaments to become more lax in order for you to have a successful delivery.  Following childbirth, that hormone will leave your system and your spine and pelvis will no longer be in good alignment. As the ligaments return to their normal elasticity, your pelvis will become less likely to return to its normal alignment. If you are out of alignment when the elasticity returns, you may find you will feel “crooked” or just “uneven.”

Seeing a chiropractor after c-section is still just as relevant to your recovery process. It’s not just the childbirth itself that causes the misalignment, but rather your posture while the baby grew and grew. You stood differently, sat differently, walked differently, and slept differently, especially during your third trimester. Your body was just different and your spine is feeling it.

Over the next few months, you’ll have sleepless nights and be reaching into the crib over and over again, putting more strain on your back muscles and your pelvis. If you jump back into exercise (especially running), you’ll notice that your body just doesn’t move like it did prior to pregnancy.

That’s where a proper spinal alignment and a guide to postpartum core exercises from your chiropractor can be so helpful.

And Dr. Stephanie can also help with breastfeeding issues.